Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept revealed | 1000 km range

Mercedes Benz has kicked off the proceedings at the virtual CES 2022 with its new luxurious Vision EQXX concept car. The company claims that it covers a distance of 1,000 km on a single charge. It gets this capability from the same size battery that comes with the EQS.

Not only does it look very aerodynamic, but it also becomes the most aerodynamic car in the world, beating the EQS with a drag coefficient of 0.17.

It is currently in the form of a concept car. But it is close to being ready for production. This marks the beginning of a new design for Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the era of electric cars that do not get its iconic Mercedes grille. The car consumes 10kWh of energy for a range of 100 km. This means the same efficiency as 100 km per liter in the case of petrol cars.

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It will also showcase new-age technologies. It takes advantage of a new modular EV architecture that Mercedes has developed and can be used in the A-Class as well. One thing that makes this car so efficient is its weight, which is 1,750 kg.

This makes it very lightweight. Not only this, the EQXX will also get rooftop solar panels, which increase its range by up to 25 km. But it’s not the fastest EV as far as performance is concerned. It comes with only 201 bhp, which makes it even slower than the EQS.

A new hyper screen has been given in it. The horizontal single piece 47.5-inch is equipped with 8K OLED technology, which also offers high-end smart TV technology. The user interface is better, deeper and more power efficient. 3D mapping systems, such as new UI elements, developed in partnership with NAVIS Automotive Systems.

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