oxygen concentrator: How does this work? Uses, price [2022]

Today we are going to talk about Oxygen Concentrator, what is Oxygen Concentrator, what are the types of Oxygen Concentrator, how it works

But for those people who have some problem with oxygen and whose oxygen level is around 90 to 95 percent, this oxygen concentrator proves to be helpful. And it is a useful device to maintain the oxygen level in their body.

So let us now know in a little detail what is an oxygen concentrator and how it works. And how it is proving so useful in the medical field in today’s time. And what are its benefits?

stores. And then provides it to the patient. This machine is used to concentrate Oxygen from Ambient Air.

It is an electronic device that runs on electricity. And oxygen continues to be made in it and the supply continues to the patient. It is many times safer than oxygen cylinders and oxygen tanks.

Because this has been seen many times. Oxygen cylinders get leaked or due to many reasons fire also starts in the oxygen cylinders, due to which there is a lot of damage or if the oxygen cylinder gets leaked in the hospitals then a big accident also happens.

But this is not the case with oxygen concentrators, they have a small tank that contains oxygen for only a few minutes, which is pressurized. And it also gets released continuously.

If this machine runs on electricity, then it is capable of supplying 24 hours regular oxygen. And it is portable, due to which you can easily take it anywhere. And they are mostly used in those places. Where oxygen cylinders do not reach.

The same liquid oxygen is more prone to fire. The second biggest problem with the same cylinders is that they have to be refilled again and again. So that the cost of transport also keeps adding to it.

Oxygen Concentrator is especially used in places where it is inconvenient or dangerous to use Liquid Medical Oxygen or Pressurized Oxygen, such as in small clinics or at home. This machine works on Battery or Electricity.

There are mainly two types of oxygen concentrator, one of which is called flow concentrator and the other is called continuous pulse concentrator, after turning on the flow concentrator, it works until it is turned off, while the plus concentrator works for the patient. According to the Breathing Pattern, when Inhalation Detects, only then starts Oxygen Supply.

The oxygen concentrator machine removes nitrogen and other gases from the air and removes more oxygenated air, which can be used by patients who need oxygen. Let us know, the working process of the Oxygen Concentrator in detail.

How Oxygen Concentrator Works?

When the amount of oxygen in the body of a patient decreases, then he needs pure oxygen. Then we need to use an oxygen concentrator. It is used to deliver oxygen.

Mostly it is used in the hospital and at home to give oxygen to the patient. The oxygen concentrator works to deliver oxygen from the air. In the machine, we get 93% to 95% pure oxygen. This oxygen is not given to us directly, for this it is passed through the humidifier bottle in the machine.

There is a total of 100% fresh air in our environment. Out of which the amount of oxygen is 20.9% and the amount of nitrogen is 78% and other gases are 1%.

The oxygen concentrator does this by sucking the surrounding fresh air and compressing it with the help of a compressor. And after that, the air from the compressor is passed into the sieve bed.

This is a process by which nitrogen and other gases are absorbed from the air and pure oxygen comes out from the sieve bed of the machine. Oxygen is controlled by a flow meter and given to the patient according to his requirement.

Our oxygen concentrator can provide a maximum of 5 liters of oxygen within a minute. The more oxygen we set in the flow meter, the more oxygen the patient gets.

Oxygen Concentrator Kya Hai is controlled by a flow meter according to the oxygen requirement. An oxygen concentrator is mostly used in small hospitals and homes to give oxygen to the patient.

But for this, the patient has to be in constant contact with the doctor. So that the oxygen level in the body can be maintained as soon as possible. And the condition can be normalized.

Types of Oxygen Concentrator

There are two types of oxygen concentrators – stationary and portable, both devices filter oxygen from the air without any refill help.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

It also works with a rechargeable battery. It has a smaller size and compact design than these stationary oxygen concentrators. It can be easily carried anywhere.

Stationary Oxygen Concentrator

A direct power supply is required to use the stationary concentrator. They produce more oxygen than the Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Most stationery concentrators come with wheels for carrying from one place to another.

If a person wants to buy a concentrator then one can buy online from many websites selling oxygen concentrators like Flipkart and Amazon. Apart from this, you can also contact your local shops which are selling these medical devices.

How Oxygen Concentrator Works?

oxygen concentrator  How does this work Uses,price
oxygen concentrator How does this work Uses,price
  • Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device that is used to treat the deficiency of low blood oxygen level of the patient.
  • The device can be powered by plugging the battery into an electric outlet or inverter, where the battery needs to be charged.
  • Oxygen Concentrator collects and purifies the air around it and distributes it to the surroundings as needed.
  • Before being collected by the concentrator, the air contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and other gases.
  • This device removes 90% to 95% pure oxygen from the air and releases nitrogen gas into the air outside.
  • Nitrogen is separated from the air by this device so that the patient can only inhale the maximum possible dose of oxygen.
  • This equipment consists of a sieve bed with a filter and compressor which is the main part of the Portable Oxygen Concentrator. In the concentrator, the filtered air is compressed by the compressor, after which the air enters a stream flowing inside the concentrator equipment.
  • The compressed air is further filtered into the sieve bed where it separates the nitrogen from the air. This part contains Zeolite which is a very small cube with 6 sides and holes on each side. Which does the job of separating this nitrogen. The filtered oxygen is then collected in the product tank.

Difference between Oxygen Cylinder and Oxygen Concentrator

Let us now know, what is the difference between Oxygen Cylinder and Oxygen Concentrator? Although the oxygen cylinder and oxygen concentrator both have the same function of providing oxygen, they are quite different.

Given below are some of the basic differences between the two:

Concentrators can be used in some cases as an alternative to oxygen cylinders. It is portable, it should be used only under the supervision of doctors and healthcare workers.

Oxygen cylinders can supply only 5-10 l/min of oxygen which may be less for critical patients who may require around 40 liters of oxygen per minute. In this case, concentrators may be the best option.

The Oxygen Cylinder expires after a period of time and needs to be refilled, whereas the Oxygen Concentrator does not require refilling, rather it will work as long as it has electricity or an inverter battery. facility available.

Oxygen Concentrator can be used for almost more than 5 years and can function to produce oxygen daily. Whereas the oxygen cylinder has to be refilled frequently.

For which patients may an oxygen concentrator be effective?

Oxygen concentrators may be useful for patients with SPO2 (oxygen saturation) levels between 90 and 85 percent. But if the patient’s oxygen level falls below 85 percent, in that case, a ventilator or an oxygen cylinder will be needed, although until there is a sure way to give enough oxygen to the patient through the cylinder, the concentrator can save his life. can come in handy.

One does Oxygen concentrator how is oxygen supply?

 Oxygen concentrators come in different capacities. Portable concentrators can produce 1 or 2 liters of oxygen a minute, while larger concentrators can produce 5 or 10 liters of oxygen per minute. The oxygen obtained from them is 90 to 95 percent pure. But if they work to their full potential, there may be some loss in their purity.

Concentrators have pressure valves to regulate the oxygen supply. According to a report released by WHO in 2015, concentrators are designed to work continuously, so that it can supply oxygen continuously for a long time.

Advantages of using an oxygen concentrator

Using an oxygen concentrator for oxygen therapy can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Oxygen cylinders can provide limited oxygen, while oxygen concentrators can provide unlimited supply, but this requires constant power. Apart from this, there is no need to take it anywhere for refilling.
  • If oxygen therapy is needed for a long time, oxygen concentrators may prove to be more cost-effective than other methods.
  • Oxygen concentrators, whether stationary or portable, can be easily carried from one place to another in comparison to oxygen cylinders.
  • They only need to be installed once.
  • Although it requires regular cleaning by the user or caregiver, it does not require much maintenance.

Disadvantages of using oxygen concentrators

There may also be some disadvantages of using an oxygen concentrator for oxygen therapy:

  • Regular and prolonged use of prongs can cause irritation in the nose.
  • For this, it is necessary to have continuous electricity, in areas where electricity keeps coming and going, it can be risky to use it.
  • You may need to have a ‘reserve compressed oxygen tank’ (oxygen substitute) in case there is no electricity.
  • The machine cannot be used immediately after starting, as it needs to be warmed up.
  • The filter needs to be changed very often.
  • There are some older models that are noisy and produce vibrations while operating.
  • In many cases, the steam emanating from the machine can also cause problems in the operation of the machine.

Oxygen Concentrator Buying Guide

The best 10 Oxygen Concentrator you can buy after knowing what Oxygen Concentrator is, it is important to keep some things in mind before buying them, so let’s know the things to be kept in mind to buy Oxygen Concentrator in Hindi.

1. In normal conditions our body works on 21 percent oxygen concentration, but during Covid, this demand goes up a lot, and the body can demand 90 percent concentrated oxygen. However, you should consult a doctor about this. Explain that concentrators are capable of providing oxygen between 90 and 94 percent.

2. The patient and his family should keep in mind that if the oxygen level in his body falls below 90, then he should immediately go to the hospital because the oxygen concentrator can supply only five to ten liters of oxygen every minute. is |

3.  If the patient is able to recover at home, they must be purchased a home oxygen concentrator, which is around can more oxygen supply with the largest, weighing 14 to 15 kg and direct to operate power supply is required.

4. If the patient has to travel or needs to be admitted to the hospital, then his family members can buy a portable oxygen concentrator. Which are designed to be carried together and can also be charged like a smartphone instead of a direct power supply. However, it will be a temporary solution, because portable concentrators can supply oxygen in limited amounts.

5. Before buying, check the capacity of Oxygen Concentrator, largely they come in two sizes, 5 liters and 10 liters, in which the first one provides 5 liters of oxygen in a minute and the second provides 10 liters of oxygen in a minute | Most Portable Concentrators are of 5L Capacity. Well, we would advise you to choose a concentrator with 10L Capacity.

6. Each type of oxygen concentrator provides different oxygen concentration levels. Where some promise oxygen up to 87 percent and some 93 percent. And if you buy an oxygen concentrator with a higher (93 percent) concentration level then it will be a much better choice.

7. While buying an oxygen concentrator, you should also check the flow rate capability, the flow rate i.e. the rate in which oxygen is traveling from the machine to the patient. Different flow rates are required according to the condition of each patient, so consult your doctor about the flow rate.

8. Always buy the concentrator of a trusted brand, in the present time there are many different brands of oxygen concentrators available for sale in the country, but not all of those brands promise quality, so instead of china based brands, you can go for trusted brands like Try buying concentrators from Philips, Medicare, and some US-based brands.

9. You should buy an oxygen concentrator from the medical equipment dealer or the official dealer of the company, and avoid the messages of scammers spreading on social media platforms because many scams are happening online in the name of the concentrator.

10. Before buying an oxygen concentrator, you should consult with doctors, hospitals, and other medical experts.

Oxygen concentrator for COVID-19 patients

Typically, the normal level of oxygen saturation (SPO2) is between 95-100%. People suffering from sleep apnea or lung disorders may have a slightly lower normal range, but when someone is suffering from COVID-19, this level can be very low, which can be life-threatening. Since the beginning of this pandemic, people have been suggested to carry a pulse oximeter with them, so that the oxygen level can be checked from time to time. If someone feels that his oxygen level has started to drop below 95% but he is feeling fine, he needs to seek medical advice, as in this case you may be advised to take oxygen therapy. If the level is less than 95%, seek emergency medical attention immediately.


In this post, you do not know what is Oxygen Concentrator is and why and where it is needed. And in today’s time why suddenly its demand has increased so much.

Oxygen Concentrator is medical equipment and you cannot use it without a doctor’s advice. Because it is used in those situations when a person’s oxygen level is low or he is having trouble breathing.

But as you know that during the time of Corona, suddenly the demand for oxygen concentrators increased and there is a lot of panic among the people to buy it.

But it can be used only when you are recommended by the doctor. You cannot use it on your own free will.

Although it is very beneficial but it also has some cons like when the power goes out, it will have to be powered by battery backup or generator or else it will shut down immediately. That’s why always use Oxygen Concentrator with backup only.

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